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Since I moved from IAR almost a year ago, I haven’t compiled a Blogerati post. Can you believe it?! What a fucking liberty… So here are some bits and bobs from all over the web, plus a few musical musings I don’t have the time to expand on.

The new single from Stuart Price The Killers, “Human,” has arrived and is, as expected, pretty bloody amazing. Produced by Madonna‘s Confessions On A Dance Floor right-hand-man Stuart Price (he’s also fiddled with knobs – hem hem – for the bands upcoming third studio album, “Day & Age”), it’s a really strong pop song that sounds like it’s going to be quite EPIC live. And as much as I kid about this being a Stuart Price single, it very distinctly IS The Killers; their sound is stamped all over this without a doubt… but Price certainly adds a unique and euphoric magical touch to it that no one else really could, doesn’t he? Do I pine for another Madonna/Price collaboration in the future? Sigh. Absolutely. I really do wonder — even though I do love “Hard Mandy” — what Stuart could have done with that album’s tracks if HE was at least the producer on that record. I guess we’ll never know, but I do think people would have been a lot happier with the final outcome.

Not surprisingly, someone has already put together a photographic video-collage onto YouTube with the full track playing along, so you can listen to it for yourself, though it may have already been deleted by the time you read this.

Speaking of Stuart, Popjustice reports that the man has been working with the ace Frankmusik on his upcoming record. They’ve even put a couple of clips up for you to listen to. So when will Stuart be remixing Girls Aloud’s “The Promise”? Hey, I can dream can’t I?

Aside from overplaying Van She’s “V” and Ladyhawke’s “Ladyhawke”, other records I’m really digging of late include Walter Meego‘s “Voyager”, Metronomy‘s “Nights Out” (read my good friend Faisal Jehan from Ohh! Crapp…‘s amazing review here), the self-titled Mercy Arms long player, Little Jackie‘s “The Stoop”, Lindstrom‘s “Where You Go I Go Too”, Cloetta Paris‘ “Secret Eyes”, Axle Whithead‘s “Losing Sleep”, Cold War Kids‘ “Loyalty To Loyalty” and new EP’s from Anoraak and Amy Meredith. I may talk about some of these long players in greater detail in the future.

I am not loving the new albums from Electric Six (I think the moment has well and truly passed with these guys; and it shows – the songs are rubbish) or The Streets which, on first listen, sounds like an artist that has well and truly reached their expiry date. Though my love affair with those guys came to a halt the second they released their sophomore album, so I’m not sure why I’m surprised.

Two new tracks have surfaced from the Ladyhawke album. One, “Danny & Jenny”, is an Australian iTunes bonus, and the other, “Oh My” is the UK bonus track. Both are VERY BLOODY GOOD. Speaking of my dear Pip Brown, in news that pleased me to NO END xolondon has totally come around and adores her debut record. He has a 12-point fact piece on The Lady which is a fabulous read, as is the singers recent interview with UK’s The Guardian, where she talks about her battle with Asperger’s Sydnrome, working with Kylie Minogue and Courtney Love, and being “the most awkward person ever.”

My weekly radio show is going really well at the moment and my passion for radio as a medium has truly been reignited to fiery levels over the last couple of weeks. I may even get off my arse and start uploading episodes of the show again, especially now that we’ll be joined on the show by the ace Patch Adams from the incredible Waves At Night.

Speaking of, something big is brewing over on the aforementioned Waves At NightBut what is it actually going to be??

And while I’m at it; something big is brewing over HERE as well. Won’t be too long before I can let the cat out of the bag…

Poster Girl - she is back! After some time away from the world of blogging, she has swiftly regained her place as one of my daily must-visits. Whilst she was gone, she heard Van She in some American clothing retailers. This is good news!

Amazingly, I have nothing new to report on Van She. Give it a couple of days.

I have three new favourite websites to introduce you to, should you not already be aware of them. First up, the sophisticated Helen Of Troy Does Countertop Writings, which I cannot even begin to explain how much I love. Lyndsey and Marie-Claire muse about the best in female-flavoured pop things, and even host their own Manchester club night called Helen Of Troy Does Countertop Dancing. My favourite pieces on the site? The Courtney Love Blog piece and the celebratory Madonna at 50 tribute both left quite the impression.

Then there is auspOp, which has been quite the place to go for Australian related industry news of late. Worth your bookmark. It does seem though, in the sites recent poll of “Madonna vs Kylie: Who reigns supreme”, people are placing their vote for the wrong person.

The third site, another Australian based one, is Fabastic! Music. So much enthusiasm and a bevy of great music reviews to read.

My darling Paul FizzyPop has written quite the brilliant FYI piece on The William Young over on his fabulous spot on the web. A real brilliantly put together piece that, as Paul does best, combines fact with humour. For example: “Not only does [Will Young] have the amazing ability to regrow hair…” It’s airquotes madness!

D’spunky D’luv has kept true to his usually brilliant form over the last couple of weeks, in particular his MTV VMA Banterview with MoogaBoo and, more recently, the gorgeous tribute to the Pet Shop Boys‘ ace album “Very.”

R.I.P. Nagi Noda; you will be sorely missed. View the last music video clip she ever directed, the incredibly ace “Precious” by MEG (a song which I have actually been playing quite a bit for the last 2 weeks; quality Jpop.)

“It’s not Top of the Pops love, it’s a fucking Katy Perry gig.” I am considering getting that quote printed on a t-shirt. More and More.

Yuri and Paul have both written reviews on Annie‘s recently leaked “Don’t Stop” (Version 1.0) record. My opinion? Bar one track (the dire “Heaven & Hell”), it’s all actually very strong stuff and will probably be in my Top 20 for the years end. I’m not going to review it though until the thing is actually released (Version 2.0) which is – apparently – still happening next month. Poor Annie…

Manastica. Heh-heh. Good remix of hers available at PopMuse too if you’re interested.

The incredible DISCODUST have the Cut Copy remix of The Kaiser Chief‘s “Never Miss A Beat” for download. It’s Very Fucking Amazing, by the way.

I’ve been meaning to post a link back to Big Stereo‘s ace interview with the seriously dishy K.I.M. from The Presets since they posted it back in July, but kept forgetting. Better late than never I guess. While you’re at it, you can then read my interview with Jules from The Presets also conducted some time ago here. We talk about Kim getting his gear off at one point you know.

Pop history on the Internet; another of my favourite new websites, Pop Comments launched a couple of weeks ago and is rather splendid reading.

EQ has announced the nominees for his EQ OF THE YEAR award. I’m placing bets on Lady GaGa or Temposhark

The highly anticipated Soulwax remix of MGMT‘s “Kids” has finally leaked all over the web. My thoughts? After changing the pitch of the actual mp3 to make it a little faster, it is exactly the kind of – to steal Popjustice’s phrase – poppers o’clock stomper I was hoping it would be.

And finally, Lifelike has confirmed he’s remixing Van She’s “Kelly” for the songs UK release. Guess ‘a couple of days’ turned into ‘a couple of paragraphs.’  

But as if you didn’t see that coming.

Ben Blogs!

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Many of you will have heard me talk about my best friend Ben on the odd occasion on this here website. In recent months, every Friday night Ben joins me as a guest on my weekly radio program. In his guest spot, Ben compiles together a list of usually little-known facts about some of your favourite pop stars and cinematic celebrities. In a move that pleases me to no end, Ben has now opened up his very own blog to showcase these lists, which are of legendary status.

* LIST 1 * Janet Jackson: “Janet’s next tour will be a series of lectures about the joys of having your period.”

* LIST 2 * Alison Goldfrapp: “Ms. Goldfrapp once slapped a fan who said they loved her in the movie Cocoon.”

* LIST 3 * Robyn: “Right now, Robyn is thinking about how much more mileage she can get from her last album.”

Add this website to your bookmarks kiddies; the list entitled “Confessions of Madonna’s Cooch” is an absolute hoot and surely on its way…

Frapp Me Up.

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I have no intention of reviewing the stunning new Goldfrapp album, Seventh Tree, before the dawn of 2008. But when I do review this Long Player next year, don’t be surprised if I tell you it’s their best album; I have done some serious bonding with this record over the last week, to the point I’ve decided were I to have a spirit animal, it would be an oversized Owl, hugging Alison Goldfrapp on a crisp winters day. I will share this with you though; Clowns, A&E and Caravan Girl are three of the greatest Goldfrapp songs of all time. In fact, could the latter be their actual best? Maybe…

Defamer Australia have quite the Australian Idol finale wrap-up online. I have video footage to upload to YouTube soon of Divinyls‘ first ever performance for an audience in over 10 years at this event, which I’ll share with you all soon. You can imagine my shrieks of horror and disbelief when, right before the climactic end to their hit Boys In Town, the live satellite footage cut out. In place of the amazing Ms. Chrissy Amphlett, I got a green – then black – fucking screen. I wanted to end my life. How could they do this to me on their first performance in so long? Just when the thought of carbon monoxide poisoning began to cross my mind, they – thankfully – got Chrissy & co. to sing the song again. Highlights? Chrissy asking Andrew G who he was, Andrew G announcing his actual surname to Chrissy on live television when asked (my respect for this man has tripled because of this, and the fact he quite obviously loves her as much as I do made him a whole lot more attractive to me too,) Chrissy endearingly parading about for the crowd – whilst holding onto Andrew’s hand whilst talking about “the art,” “now” and “your voice.” In exactly one week, I will be seeing this woman LIVE IN HER (AND MY!) HOMETOWN. I have no idea how to cope with the excitement.

Xolondon has some seriously exciting news regarding the 2008 album from Grace Jones, and is in the midst of reviewing tracks from Kylie‘s new one, X, which you may remember I spoke of last week. Glenn over at Stale Popcorn also has some words on the matter, which – as always – are a brilliant read. Another brilliant review from the equally brilliant Pop Trash Addicts can be found here. Bit of an update as to where my ears stand with this album; I am warming to Sensitized, still not fussed by Heart Beat Rock, but now vehemently hating Spew-di-ty. It’s taken Sensitized‘s earlier place of her stinkiest effort to date. What was she thinking, I mean really?

Xo also mentions the 10 year anniversary of Michael Hutchence‘s untimely death. There’s a post I have in draft mode lingering about wordpress in his remembrance; I just haven’t been able to bring myself to finish it. There’s a lot of resentment on my part toward the remaining INXS crew for dragging the once godly band’s name through the dirt several times over the years since Michael’s death, so I haven’t gone back to writing the piece as I didn’t like how negative it had gotten, at least for a remembrance post. Maybe I’ll bring myself to pay respect for the eleventh year? I do think my INXS A.D. rant will appear in the new year however. Anyways, there is a gorgeous story about Michael on the third last page of the current copy of Inpress Magazine… I’ll try and get a scan up some time soon.

Paul‘s zapping his way through Christmas in tres hot style. I almost want him to adopt John Waters‘ train of thought in that Christmas should be an all-year thing and keep the festive design 4 LYF. The new look also marks the beginning of The Zapping’s advent calendar, which I’ll be contributing to sometime soon…

The beautiful Poster Girl has some news on the upcoming Blake Lewis album, including excerpts from a review of the record from the L.A. Times, which has gotten me seriously hot under the collar. It should be noted that it is all your doing, dear Poster Girl, that I am now completely obsessed with this man…

The impeccable D’luv over at Chart Rigger has gone local politics on our arses, and congratulated us Aussie’s on our new leader, Kevin Rudd. Yay! This was the first election I’ve actually given a shit about in this country and am happy that the lesser of two evils will now run my home. The Kyoto Protocol is being signed, and an appetizing broadband plan is on the way; hopefully he will be abolishing the GST from Tampons and sanitary items which previous PM John Howard dared to label “luxury items.” Fingers crossed something is done about these ridiculous IR workplace agreement laws, which have already shafted me good and hard this year…

Dr. Hules throws a tic-tac down the Burnley Tunnel. Too good…

FUNBONGO – I IZ IN UR OFFICE, MAYKING U WRIGHT. COME BACK!!! Where for art thou, Funbongo? Meanwhile, the ace Pop Unlimited returns on December 1st, whilst Digital Technique return with some seriously ace musings.

Meanwhile, the Girls Aloud Mafia blog continues to deliver the goods in the greatest quality LOLCAT speak you will ever experience, and Kirkland Ciccone relaunches his Pop hell podcast home with a swish new look…

Robyn has RIGHTFULLY won DSTPop‘s Female of 2007 award in the DSTP music awards. Have a read through all the other categories too

One of my favourite music websites Ohh! Crap… have interviewed CAP10KURT, who I am loving very much. Read (and listen to) more

Worrapolava; you know what he’s like!

Looking for a CD to pop on your iPod for the Gym? Pop Muse delivers. I can guarantee this is an exceptional download and one that had me slipping over in puddles of my own sweat (guk) at the gym today.


Dance Classics

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Almost two weeks ago I threw together a dance classics edition of my weekly radio show, Inside Splinters. It’s a regular thing I’ve incorporated into the show and happens on the last Friday of every month. The following podcast is a recording of the show from the 26th of October which – hilariously – was the last Friday of that month, and spawned the very first visit into the Inside Splinters time machine.

Pretty much every single one of these songs is a personal favourite; some of them haven’t aged well but that’s besides the point. They were great at the time, and the memories are still there. Anyways, this recording also includes a live telephone conversation between myself and the delightful Paul from The Zapping, which is worth the download alone really.

80mb | 96 kbps | Sharebee (Offers Megaupload, zShare, Rapidshare, etc)

Eartha Kitt – Where Is My Man 2000
Danube Dance – Unique
Club 69 – Let Me Be Your Underwear (Slicker Nicker Disco Mix)
The Shamen – LSI (Love Sex Intelligence)
DeLacy – That Look
Olive – You’re Not Alone
Moby – Move (Kid Paul Remix)
Rollo Goes Mystic – Love Love Love (Here I Come)
The Movement – Jump
Deuce – Call It Love (JX Kissy Kissy Remix)
Felix – Don’t You Want Me ’95 (Candy Girls Remix)
E-zee Possee – Everything Starts With An E ’96
Haddaway – Life
The Source – Sanctuary Of Love
Urban Cookie Collective – Feels Like Heaven
Urban Cookie Collective – High On A Happy Vibe
M People – One Night In Heaven
Duke – So In Love With You (Full Intention Remix)
DaHool – Meet Her At The Love Parade (Nalin & Kane Remix)
Infinity – Dirty Love
Morris Minor & The Majors – Stutter Rap
Ruth Campbell – This Is It


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The delightful Glenn from Stale Popcorn appeared on my radio show Inside Splinters 2 weeks ago, and I have finally gotten off my arse and uploaded the effort. I think you’ll find it is hilarious, random, and great. Please note: Heidi Sugababe cops a bit of a beating during some of the talk breaks – this doesn’t actually reflect my thoughts on her (I love the woman.) She just happened to be the easy target on the night.

This gone Friday I hosted the Dance Classics Edition of Inside Splinters, which I actually think was my best show yet. Well, it was the one I enjoyed most… That’s coming online tomorrow. But back to Glenn…

DOWNLOAD | 96kbps | 82.49MB

Sharebee offers links to Rapidshare, Megaupload, ZShare, and Badongo, so you should be fine in being able to download.

Rogue Traders – Candy Coloured Lights
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip – Thou Shalt Always Kill
The Hives – Giddy Up
Kelis – Young, Fresh & New
Soho Dolls – Prince Harry
Hilary Duff – Dignity
Groove Armada & Mutya – Song 4 Mutya (Kissy Sellout Mix)
Moulinex – Break Chops
Justice – D.A.N.C.E. (Stuart Price Remix)
Motiv8 – Break The Chain
Sugababes – Easy (Ultrabeat Mix)
Olivia Newton-John & ELO – Xanadu
Rogue Traders – What You’re On
Annie Lennox & 8 Million other women – Sing (Moto Blanco Mix)
Girls Aloud – Call The Shots (Tony Lamezma Mix)
Bloody Beetroots – I Love The Bloody Beetroots
Operaor Please – Just A Song About Ping Pong (Kissy Sellout Mix)
Boys Noize – & Down
The Hives – You Got It All Wrong
Divinyls – Siren Song
The Royal We – Al The Rage
Rogue Traders – Throw Your Arms Around Me
Sugababes – Surprise (Goodbye)
JoJo – Beautiful Girls


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So what’s been happening on websites other than this one since my last Blogerati post? As you’d expect – seeing as that was well and truly a month ago – lots.

Australian Idol began here in, er, Australia, and a country rejoiced at the return of Scott, 2 Be Certain‘s triumphant Idol scribblings. 90% of the reason I watch Idol is so I can kill myself laughing week in, week out over on Scott’s blog. His latest post rates each of the final 24 on their likelihood of success out of 10, lists an anagram or two for each of the contestants names, and officially endorses Matt Corby (pictured, left,) who is by far my early favourite (and really fucking easy on the eyes too), along with the wee lass sporting the Lindy Chamberlain haircut. Scott’s top 24 round-up is quite possibly one of his finest, finest hours. Right up there with the Marcia God.

Pop Trash Addicts is shaping up to be one of my actual favourite websites of the year. It is like reading the minds of my best friend Ben & I, and like the conversations we have together in the car listening to tragic brilliance from Shakaya, Sirens, Joanne (who once told Ben in an email many years ago she was working on a second album that was “very edgy.” As Ben said, “so edgy it never saw the light of day!”) and other delights our fine nation has brought to the world of pop. There is news on Melissa Tk-tk-tk-tk-auktz, (who may very well still be waiting for me to call her and do that interview we’d organised back in 2005… er… oops?) a post honouring pop goddess and attitude-filled angel Samantha Fox, info on the sexing-up of Roxane-off-of-idol, ONJ and even some Slinkee Minx (who you may recall I interviewed on this site in very early 2006… will be re-posting that chat sometime next week in honour of their ace new album, which PTA have reviewed here.) PTA, like me and millions of others across the globe, love Dannii too, and have a sister site (*boomTISH*) called Dannii’s Dirty Box, which is just as fabulous.

Speaking of Dannii, now that The X-Factor has begun in the UK, the IAR Official Dannii-Watch campaign begins once more. Each week, I’ll be discussing – quite meticulously – the finer details of D’s hair, make-up, attire, leg-stances, and flirtatious giggles directed at Simon. Could she be any more incredible? The answer is a resounding YES; we should all be honoured to be sharing the same air Dannii Minogue breathes in.

Paul‘s got THE BEST X-Factor first episode round-up I’ve read online over at The Zapping. And I quote: “Another woman is quite good… Nerves make her do a split second jazz hands during I Will Always Love You, so points for individuality. Oh and she has some dead relative who inspired her to audition.” Fucking awesome. Paul also had a yarn with Deborah Gibson at the beginning of August too. This is also something you should read.

Worrapolava talks about the incredibly sad end of French & Saunders, with a CHOICE selection of classic clips, including two of their best Madonna skits to date. God LOVE those bitches. There’s also a link to a really great interview with the duo from The Times.

Imogen Heap‘s been a bit busy of late, and xolondon‘s reported quite marvelously on her goings-on. There are also some very pretty pictures of Annie Lennox and, as reported earlier last week, Xo’s magnificent review of the Darren Hayes‘ album.

Another of my favourite new websites is Pop Unlimited, which, during its time with us, has featured Jam & Spoon, Deuce, The Tamperer, Human League and Grace (I just loved “Skin On Skin”), just to name a legendary few. And all in impressively great detail. Acerben, who runs the site, has the absolute greatest taste in classic dance this side of the internet – aside from mine of course.

The delightful Poster Girl has absolute bonza posts on the High School Musical II soundtrack, the fucking ace new Martin Stenmarck track, and the gorgeous Roni Duani.

I saw French scary flick Ils over the weekend and, knowing he’d watched it, rushed over to Glenn‘s Stale Popcorn to announce my feelings to him through the power of blog commenting. There’s some interesting intel on Glenn’s site regarding the US remake of the film starring Liv Tyler. I’m not at all convinced though that this will be any good – the original scared the living shit out of me (I only realised how much today, mind) and prompted one of my all time WORST nightmares last night… (5 FUCKING DAYS LATER! Now THAT’S an intense reaction!)

In what was probably the most important Internet pop revival of the month of August, D’Luv at Chartrigger discussed the absolute greatest song from the Who’s That Girl soundtrack and 3rd greatest Stock/Aitken/Waterman production of all time, Michael Davidson‘s “Turn It Up.” An army of pop lovers bowed down at the feet of D’Luv and thanked him for the precious gift.

Another blog-retrospective which was just as enjoyable came about on eMackinations, in the form of a classy collection of photographs and clips involving the trashtastic Marky Mark. Oh yes.

The outstanding William at Fop announced his spunky blog was to be no more. :(
Thankfully, the CFBGoesPop girls returned shortly after. :)

Clem Bastow, she of ridiculously good beauty and excellence, began writing for the already top-notch Defamer. Her first piece was not only quite good indeed, but it also incorporated the genius LOLcats craze, which is very much my favouritest thing in the whole wide world at the moment.

Electroqueer have a collection of shoddily filmed Darren Hayes @ G.A.Y clips which are actually worth a go. There’s also info on how to purchase Nelson Clemente’s new music, a guy I’ve been meaning to talk about on here for ages but keep forgetting to. Anyways, he’s very good and EQ have done a much better job than I of endorsing his brilliance.

Don’t Stop The Pop spoke to Steve Anderson! The interview is aces beyond words and touches on the subjects of Rent Remixed, Kylie X, Robyn and, of course, Willy Baker.

Bop Pop posted some pictures of the glamorous Fergie with some weird looking blokes, two pairs of rave-wear sunglasses not being worn by Calvin Harris (and, therefor, somewhat irrelevant), and a pair of ug-boots being worn by a fat cow that used to sing songs and sell records.

xo Adem.

Giveth with one hand, taketh with the other.

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God (pictured, left, candidly straddling a boombox over the weekend) works in mysterious ways. She delivers joy, but whilst you are celebrating, she quite rudely rips something away from you. Unfortunately because of her general greatness, you just cannot question her madness–as they say, there is obviously a method to it and who am I to judge a decision God Almighty herself has made. It still saddens me though.

Let’s start with the bad news. It seems that the totally amazing Samuel, who runs the totally amazing Hotstufffiles (it’s all one bloody word!) has closed down his gorgeous labour of love for good. THIS UPSETS ME GREATLY. Over the past year it has been an absolute pleasure chatting to the lovely Samuel about nonsensical garbage like Jay-Z‘s role in Rihanna‘s “Umbrella,” Girls Aloud flunking it down under, and other fabulous tomfoolery. He even allowed me to scribble my own series of shit for a couple of weeks in an accidentally ill-fated weekly column. So thank you Samuel, your site has provided me with much entertainment and laughs over the last 12 months plus, and it is incredibly sad to see you go.

NOW for the hand that giveth! You may remember how mortified I was when Popalastic closed its doors earlier in the year. Thankfully, they have come to their senses and taken note that the interweb’s median land price’s have sunk to an all time low since their self-imposed eviction from the world of pop and–in order to save us all–are returning with a totally jazzed up new look. Huzzah! You can read the exciting message of hope for yourself (complete with peacock-friendly photography) here.

Thank you for the music, Goodbye my friend, bye bye Miss American Pie; we’ll miss you Hotstufffiles. Welcome back Popalastic.