The Top 50 Albums of the Year… #41 WE ARE THE WORLD “Clay Stones”

Posted By Adem / December, 30, 2010 / 0 comments


41. WE ARE THE WORLD “Clay Stones”

It’s hard not to automatically associate this bands name with the well-meaning, if somewhat stale, African charity record from the 1980′s. If you’re expecting anything along the lines of a Quincy Jones production on this impressive debut you’re in for not only some serious disappointment, but possibly a music-induced headache. I didn’t hear about We Are The World through cool, hipster blogs. I didn’t hear about them through Hype Machine either. One of the coolest acts of the year were brought to my attention by the current Lady of Pop, Lady GaGa, who took to Twitter earlier in the year to announce her love for this psychotically exciting two-piece.

Megan Gold, the fierce vocalist of Clay Stones (whose pipes conjure up images of Karen O on a lot of ecstasy), delivers viciously quick and fast-paced one-liners over some truly frightening, frenetic and seethingly dark pop beats. More Aphex Twin than Band Aid, the title track is the kind of dark and bass-heavy pop music Triple J should be all over like a bad smell, “Afire” – maybe the best song both lyrically and production-wise on here – sees Gold quietly bandaging her knees in order to “pray to my God.” “Fight Song” and “Not In Death” would sit comfortably blaring from the speakers of a Techno warehouse party , but – schizophrenically – “Goya Monster” is like a honkytonk nightmare of rewarding heights.

There’s not much light, and there’s not much rest either. We Are The World throw the dark at you hard and fast, and even though the lighter shades feel like they’re headed for your speakers by album closer “Lord Have Ass”, don’t be fooled. It’s all a somewhat deliciously demonic ride into the minds of a dark and twisted musical pairing. If you’ve an aversion to well made but somewhat noisy dance music, steer clear of We Are The World. If you can handle it though, you’re in for a treat.