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Visitor are an amazing new Aussie-bred, London-based pop duo who are currently working with Diamond Cut and my beloved Van She on a set of their debut records. They have a FIERCE launch track in “Los Feeling” which, without sounding too cliched, pulls together the best synths of the 80′s and 90′s, throws in a seriously euphoric chorus and envelopes itself into a three-and-a-half minute epic-pop showdown. Brilliantly, the guys have allowed me to share this very song in a completely legal Internet download for you on the site.

Visitor – Los Feeling (Rough Mix).mp3 (Mediafire)

(XO talked about these guys a couple of weeks back, FYI.)

Anyway, Kyle from the duo agreed to partake in a minterview; a miniature interview (oh dear). I found out what they are all about, who they’re working with, and whether Kyle loves UK Big Brother’s Davina McCall…

Tell me a little bit about you guys; who’s in the group, the ‘general’ introductory bits…
Visitor is Kyle and Lucas. We met each other at school in Melbourne when we were kids, and moved to London a few years ago, where we formed and de-formed electronic/rock bands. We recently realised that we wanted to do something much more focused and poppy I guess, and so Visitor was born. We only unveiled everything on Monday, but so far people seem to be ‘getting’ it, which is quite a relief.

So you’re working with Diamond Cut and Van She on the album… anyone else? How’s it been working with all of these guys so far?
It’s been amazing. We first encountered Diamond Cut last year when he did a remix for us and it’s kinda escalated from there. The Van She connection came out of working with Diamond Cut. Kinda strange to have travelled half way around the world to end up working with a bunch of Australians. There are a few exciting names bouncing around that our management have been speaking with, but we’ll keep those a closely guarded secret!

How long until we have some more songs to listen to from you guys?
The music’s there, we’re just wanting to give everything a chance to settle in. I think it would ruin impact if we just stuck four amazing songs up at once. Soon though. Soon.

What’s the situation with labels and signing prospects?
We’re currently discussing a few different things with several labels. Nothing we can talk about obviously.

Because I am currently going through a manic ‘retrospective’ Madonna mood, what with her new Greatest Hits package looming, what’s the earliest memory you have of her?
Getting on her knees in front of the black Jesus, and getting her cans out. I don’t think anyone would really appreciate her doing that these days. The world’s a different place.

Will Janet Jackson ever make a good album again do you think?
Probably. Maybe. I guess not, really. Probably no way. We’d like to think so. We hope so. Actually, we don’t mind either way…

Are you watching UK Big Brother, and if so, who are your picks to win?
To win? I think that guy who looks like Wolverine would be pretty cool let loose in to the real world. He could live in sewers like some kind of modern day Mad Max…

Do you love Davina?
Love is a strong word, but I would definitely say there is a budding romance.

Thank you Visitor.

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