Cheryl Cole ’3 Words’ – a review.

By Adem | October, 22, 2009 | 10 comments

Cheryl Cole [3 Words] Review

3 Words

So here it is. The first member of Girls Aloud to venture off into the world of the Solo Album. Whilst the five-piece are still that (for now), they’ve taken a year off to focus on solo projects; Nadine’s apparently recording a camp disco-stomper with a song written by Paula Abdul, Sarah Harding’s making movies with Doctor WHO’s David Tennant, Nicola Roberts is being head-hunted by Vivienne Westwood for a new clothing campaign, and Kimberley… well, I’m sure Kimberley’s enjoying her cups of tea on the balcony almost as much as she enjoys watching Chezz on the telle for Sunday nights X-Factor (Hopefully she’s stoned the whole way through because… actually, let’s face it, she probably is, so I might just move on.)

It’s no surprise though that Cheryl Cole would be the first to release a solo album. Although all bets were on Coyle, I’m sure Cole wanted to beat the other four to the punch in order to be remembered as the first to do it, perhaps. X Factor Judge, Tabloid-adored WAG, Girl Aloud, and now; Solo Artist. But can the music on her first long player match her sometimes inflated ego? There seems to be a little bit of proof in this pudding…

3 WORDS (featuring
Cheryl’s previously worked with, so it’s no surprise she’s roped him in for her debut. Wise move too; however annoying you might find the Black Eyed Pea, this is proof he’s capable of penning some seriously good pop music. Think BEP’s “I Gotta Feeling”, but if it were actually good. VERY epic breakdowns, this is a heavenly way to open things. Also the next single.

Heavy, dramatic marching band happenings with a brilliant middle-8. There’s some hidden brass in there as well, and the final 30 seconds are somewhat magical. The biggest, brightest moment on 3 Words but, quite tellingly, the saddest Cheryl sounds on here.

HEAVEN (featuring
Another moment on the record, it’s interesting to note that this is the first song whose verses are structured together more like it was written for a group of, oh, say, five girls? It’s a bit all over the place to be honest and the chorus is fairly aggravating, but underneath there is actually something decent here.

The first single, and the second best moment on the record. This is a straight-up, urban-pop song that even has a Shannon ‘Let The Music Play’/Debbie Deb ‘When I Hear Music’ 1980’s dancefloor feel to it. Hey X Factor performance of this was off the hook. View.

SOMEONE CALL RONSON! COLE’S FOUND THE HORN SECTION!! But in all seriousness, this is World Class pop right here; there are elements of 1970’s soul and 1990’s urban-pop. The latter actually seems to be a distant motif through 3 Words, actually; there are a LOT of 1990’s elements through the record, just in time for this inevitable nineties comeback we’re due for any day now. “What’s the price of Thunder? Rain on me.” Amazing. It sounds nothing like her though.

Cheryl turns to disco-funk, and rips into a bit of swearing too along the way! Great track, though some might complain about the repetitiveness of the chorus. It is an initial weakness, but one you do grow to love after a few listens. This felt like album filler for the first few days but is now vying for the title of being my favourite on 3 Words.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with this – but – song content and pitch of Cole’s voice; is she trying to be Amy Winehouse or something? BUT SINGING ABOUT LOVE AS IF IT WERE THE DRIP. Bit of a bore, this one – not offensive but not really all that good either.

Written for Cole by Taio Cruz, there’s every chance this could be the third single. BONZA chorus that sounds like it could have Cruz on backing vocals. All kinds of brilliant, a highlight, even if it doesn’t sound anything like Cheryl for most of it. I like to sing “Coz I came here to dance, I’m gonna pull up my pants and stand up! Stand up!” during the chorus. Try it; works better.

I gave this a bit of a hard time in my print review, but I’ve since changed my mind and actually think it’s quite lovely. Sorry Cheryl; please don’t strike me and call me a Jigaboo.

BOY LIKE YOU (featuring
Sampling Fleetwood Mac’s “Little Lies”, it all just sounds like a bunch of noise by the end of it, and the rent-a-rapper-feel of’s delivery just makes this all the harder to sit through. Phoned in much?

HEARTBREAKER ( featuring Cheryl Cole)
This has aged surprisingly well, hasn’t it?

3 Words seems to have slightly suffered from a time restriction. There are a lot of really interesting ideas on this record, and a few songs which are perfect from start to finish, but there are a handful of songs that could have been absolute stompers, but appear to sound somewhat half-finished. And it’s those songs that, unfortunately, are the ones which feel like they were the most rushed. The singles are identifiable, absolutely, and there are golden album-only moments on it, but overall, 3 Words could have really been a bit better, and maybe released before Christmas, rather than October. It would have been interesting to see where Cole could have taken the album had she been given an extra two months to work on it, particularly with the obvious 1990’s urban-pop and 1980’s electronica inspired moments sprinkled across the disc. Everything is here for this to be a truly momentus record, but it just comes down to it only being a half-finished album in a few of its tracklisting placements.

That said, I still haven’t stopped listening to selected highlights from it all week, so go figure.

Read Talia‘s ace review, and Mr Discopop‘s equally as brill one (I love the Parachute summary. Amazing.)

EDIT. The album INSTANTLY went from a B- to a solid B with the following amended tracklisting:

01. Parachute
02. Fight For This Love
03. Rain On Me
04. Stand Up
05. 3 Words
06. Make Me Cry
07. Heaven
08. Happy Hour
09. Boy Like You
10. Crazy Fool (GA solo-Cheryl b-side)
11. Heartbreaker ( ft. Cheryl)
12. Don’t Talk About This Love
13. Didn’t I (FFTL b-side)

See? Much better!

10 Responses to Cheryl Cole ’3 Words’ – a review.

  • Glenn

    Nope. I’m nowhere near as forgiving as you. Half of the album is just ANNOYING (too much repetitiveness and boring flat production). “Fight for This Love”, “Make Me Cry” (despite it’s horrendous chorus) and “3 Words” being the best.

  • Ken

    I’m surprised about how I liked this album a lot. Even though some of the songs are quite middling in the mediocrity, I happen to like most of it. I say, well done CHERYL. I’m sure this will go #1.

  • Lyndsey

    Haven’t had chance to listen to the album yet as ‘puter has been in the shop :(
    I’m expecting all kinds of bad so your review has made me a little more optimistic :)

  • Paul

    Oh dear. I’ll give you that her X Factor performance was not bad (I watched it in a gay bar in Gran Canaria and rather uncharitably booed her. Shockingly I wasn’t the only drunken fool to do so!) It was better than Whitney’s car crash stare at the floor moment anyway! Still, it grieves me that Cheryl is about to achieve something her musical equivalent Viccy of Beckham could never do – get a massive number one with a throwaway r’n'b tinged b-side from the 90s. Slow clap for Cheryl!! And the album. Urgh. Though i’m pleased you like it :)

    I obviously still haven’t forgiven her for the “boys can’t sing girls songs” comment!!!

  • Adem

    I choose to forget that comment. There are bigger things to love about The Cole!

  • Adem

    PS: “not bad”? Come ON Paul; it was nothing short of awesome.

  • Adem

    PPS: FFTL is better than all of Viccy’s solo stuff, except for Let Your Head Go.

  • Lyndsey

    I’m with Paul I’m afraid Adem, the album is very… meh! Also her X Factor performance wasn’t all bad – the last ten seconds were amazeballs!

  • Adrian

    Is 3 Words definitely the next single? It’s not what I’d have picked! Parachutes definitely should be. Keeps the military theme going. It’s very on-trend, after all.

  • Paul

    we’ll have to agree to disagree Adem – to be fair I did give the album several listens, because I sort of wanted to be won over :) But i’ll agree with Lynds – that breakdown bit at the end of the x factor performance was brillopad

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