The Top 50 Albums of the Year… #38 OPERATOR PLEASE “Gloves”

By Adem | December, 30, 2010 | 0 comments


Operator Please launched their year with the release of “Gloves”, their follow up to debut “Yes, Yes Vindictive” and it completely blew my mind. From start to finish, “Gloves” showcases a band with incredible growth placed under their belt; growth that was clearly evident when comparing their first LP to their latest; catchier pop hooks, better melodies and Goddess Amandah’s vocals sounding as tight as ever. A total cross-over radio hit in-waiting with the best track, “Back & Forth”, was what I thought would be this albums “Ping Pong”, the moment everybody took a bit more interest in what Operator Please were doing… but it didn’t. The second best moment, “Like Magic”, was the other song I was convinced would be a huge hit for them; No Dice.

Quite bizarrely, all the right singles from “Gloves” were chosen. First single “Logic” may have thrown people off though – it doesn’t follow your standard song structure and didn’t have as heavy a radio feel as the afforementioned tracks, or even the subtlely gorgeus “Jealousy.” That said, “Logic” is powerfully brilliant and a highpoint in their careers; the kind of brilliance that tends to go over the masses heads.

It’s pretty disappointing that one of the Aussie pop releases of the year (much like the Cassette Kids album) was barely shown any attention, regardless of the fact it’s chock-full of incredible belters.

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