The Top 50 Albums of the Year… #37 NADINE COYLE “Insatiable”

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37. NADINE COYLE “Insatiable”

For years people talked about the moment Girls Aloud’s Nadine Coyle would go solo. It was almost with some anticipation, even; for years people talked about it and it really seemed like a lot of people wanted her to go solo. At some point, anyway. But when it came to actually happening for the Irish beauty earlier this year with her debut “Insatiable”, it seemed the only people really interested were the papers – so they could compare her great pop album with Cheryl Cole’s incredibly awful and soul-destroying “Messy Little Raindrops”, and her Twitter-friendly manager, Bruce. It hasn’t been the best of times for poor Nadine.

I will try my hardest not to turn this into a no-star-review of Cheryl’s latest album (it’s shit, there are two songs on it that aren’t shit but the rest of it is fucking shit and she should rename the album “This is fucking shit”), but, you know, at least Nadine put a bit of time and effort into hers. “Insatiable” certainly has its rough-patches, but they’re the kind of rough-patches that are wiped away with the sincerity of Coyle’s lyrics. There’s nothing groundbreaking here but it’s all very thoughtful; even the ballads scrub up rather nicely.

The dramatic and somewhat surprising “Runnin’”, an electronic storm of dark and light serving as the album opener, is easily the best thing on here and may have made a better first single than the ill-timed-but-still-great title track, which seems to actually work a lot better in its WaWa Remix form. “Runnin’” is a more accesible pop song than “Insatiable” was; it marries Nadine’s obvious Motown influences together with twisted and dark synth-licks and is the closest thing on here to a song Girls Aloud could have performed. “Put Your Hands Up” – the albums other big moment – also could have made a more fitting first single, with its big horns and banging chorus strong enough to have drummed a lot of interest in the eventual release of this album.

When it comes to balance-of-ballads, Nadine’s got seven up-tempo songs, and six slow moments. That’s seven more up-tempo songs that most expected expected! There’s the patchy “Make A Man Out Of You Yet” and “Unbroken” which – bizarrely combined with Nadine doing the strangest falsetto – borrows heavily from George Michael’s “Freedom.” The hallmark ballads though are “Raw” and “Rumours”, both packing enough vocal-punch for Nadine to show off why she was given all the lines in Girls Aloud.

Of course, nobody bought this and now Nadine either has to plan her next move as a solo artist very carefully, or just hang around the phone with Kimberley waiting for Cheryl to call to say Girls Aloud are back on.

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