The Top 50 Albums of the Year… #35 GABRIELLA CILMI “10″

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Poor Gabriella.

Her sophomore album was leaps-and-bounds better than her truly awful and heavily over-rated debut, one that a shitload of people bought. A much, much better follow-up ensued and… nothing. For some reason, people weren’t interested in an album full of really great and, at times, inspiring pop songs. The general populous – no accounting for taste – would have preferred Gabriella to release another album of sub-par Winehouse-lite tracks in lieu of there being no actual Winehouse around. It’s actually one of the more depressing chart-turn-outs of an album this year and she really deserved more success with it than she got. It’s not entirely the publics fault though.

Aside from feminist power-anthem “On A Mission”, the album really belongs to the haunting “Love Me Cos You Want To”, the only track on the record that Gabriella penned with her backing band, rather than the array of pop production superstars that co-write with her on the rest of the record. As it turns out, the song that probably had the least fuss made over it during its creation is ultimately the best of her career, with seriously heart-wrenching lyrics over the top of a truly angelic electropop bassline: “Love me cos you want to, and not because you wanna be kind. Give me something to hold onto; cos otherwise we’re wasting our time. And now the rest is up to you; love me cos you want to.”

The same can be said for the second best moment on “10″, “Robots”, another beautiful electropop moment with tear-inducing lyrics; “What if we were made from wires and spare parts? What if there was only science in our hearts? Maybe we could love each other as Robots?” Quite criminally, neither of these songs ended up as singles from the album, songs that may have warmed the public a little better into eventually buying it. I honestly think the singles that WERE chosen from Ten (“On A Mission” excluded) were absolutely the wrong choices. That’s not to say stuff like Bee Gee inspired, Xenomania-produced “Hearts Don’t Lie” or lovely-enough ballad “Defender” weren’t good songs, there’s just two others on this album that were a LOT better. Hell, even the best-friend-is-my-secret-love anthem “What If You Knew” would have made a better single.

It should also be noted that the updated version (that appears at the end of this album) of her very first single, “Sweet About Me (Twenty Ten Version)” does a fine job at turning something incredibly dull and boring into something with life and even excitement. Should’a done it like that the first time around, Cilmi.

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  • Mauricio

    Its a glorious album — I truly love it, “Boys”, “Superhot”, “Invisible Girl” are also positively wonderful

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