The Top 50 Albums of Year 2010… #27 BAG RAIDERS “Bag Raiders”

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Bag Raiders

27. BAG RAIDERS “Bag Raiders”

It seemed the Bag Raiders precious fan-base were initially a little unhappy at how ‘pop’ this debut album was. There were a number of reviews and comments across the board on social networking sites on the Interwebs that panned them for the commercial sound they seemed to have uncovered here. To those people I’ll generally ask if they paid any attention at all to the Raiders biggest track to date, the hugely successful “Shooting Stars,” which was about as commercial as dance music gets. At the end of the day, the Bag Raiders’ debut is a finely tuned collection of dance-pop that demonstrates just how clever these boys are.

Whilst I may not find myself voluntarily listening to “Shooting Stars” (a combination of reasons, one of those being how terribly over-played it was when it came out), it still stands as one of the finest moments in Australian pop music this side of the century. Even though I find it terribly difficult to listen to it all the way through, the sentiment through it is amazingly sweet, sincere and a little optimistic – in the same way that Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” is optimistic when it conquers (in a nutshell) that feeling of being in love.

The brilliant thing about this debut, however, is how unashamedly 90′s dance a lot of the moments on here are. Piano-riffs that hark straight back to some of the best sexy 90′s house tracks, to moments of glitchy techno and bass-thumps that conjure up images of happy pants and school holidays with Hitz FM. Opener “Castles In The Air” is a brilliant slice of exactly that, Daft Punk-y “Sunlight” is the biggest pop moment after “Shooting Stars” on here, whilst “Snake Charmer” – an instrumental – serves as a promising way to incorporate the Xylophone into a near banging club track.

It might be a commercial debut, but it’s a fucking good one.

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