The Top 50 Albums of Year 2010… #26 KATIE MELUA “The House”

By Adem | January, 4, 2011 | 0 comments

Katie Melua

26. KATIE MELUA “The House”

Who knew that in 2010, Katie Melua’s fifth effort at recording an album would be the one to drum an interest out of me. The William Orbit produced “The House” takes Melua from being a boring, Norah Jones-ish nobody, to an artist with a perfect and surprising record of truly arresting pop.

First single “The Flood” is the best song this year called “The Flood” (in the world of pop, there were three of them), a track that starts of slow, builds into a marching-monster, before crashing down around you in truly epic proportions. The best thing Orbit’s done since All Saints’ “Pure Shores.” The sadistic “I’d Love To Kill You” is simultaneously tender and evil all at once – but does its subject matter in general a lot of justice, particularly in the way it so perfectly describes that stage of anger and beauty within the painstakingly confusing feeling that is love. A perfect way to open the record too.

“Twisted” also nails its subject feeling on the head, whilst the energetic “Plague Of Love” throws together Melua’s sharp lyrics with grand orchestral production and the albums best lyric: “Is it me or is the medicine working?”

Melua’s managed to record an album that is not only decent, but remarkably so. There isn’t a single moment on “The House” that’s boring or contrived; finally, after four albums and years of annoyance, Melua’s found her voice.

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