The Top 50 Albums of Year 2010… #22 TRACEY THORN “Love & Its Opposite”

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Tracey Thorn

22. TRACEY THORN “Love & Its Opposite”

The voice of Everything But The Girl has been releasing music for almost 30 years, but this is actually her third studio album as a soloist. Her last, 2007′s “Out Of The Woods”, was her first solo effort since her 1982 debut, and on ‘Opposite’, her third, Thorn is at her most lyrically intriguing. That paired with the production flare of the brilliant Ewan Pearson; the results make for a properly brilliant moment in music for 2010.

“I was a romantic kid” sings Thorn on the lovely “Long White Dress”, a lyric that resonated quite close to me and maybe more-so than any other on here. “I filled my head with so much shit, and I dreamed of it. Of love and its opposite; a long White dress.”

“Singles Bar” struck more than a few chords with me as well, “Oh! The Divorces” rang true about peoples fickle marriage-runs, “Come On Home to Me” is an epic and thunderously dramatic tear-jerker, but my favourite song on Opposite is “Why Does The Wind?”, a moment that’s really reflective and tender, but ‘pop’ enough to tick all my boxes; emotional and aesthetically so. A properly precious moment and one that my ears and heart cannot get enough of.

Even though I’m not quite into my adult years (but no longer really considered ‘young’ by todays standards either), Thorn’s record moved me for its honesty about, what Thorn has herself said the album is about, “real life after 40.” I won’t know just how true her words are for another 13 years or so, but they’re words someone in their late 20′s and fast approaching their early 30′s can relate to incredibly well.

“I’m not a novelty… Forget what you love about me.”

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