The Top 50 Albums of Year 2010… #21 ELLIE GOULDING “Bright Lights”

By Adem | January, 4, 2011 | 0 comments

Ellie Goulding

21. ELLIE GOULDING “Bright Lights”

This is where the chart got really hard for me to compile. The next 20 records – 21 including this – were all albums through the year I had seriously thought were strong contenders for the Number 1 spot. Ellie’s “Bright Lights” is a tremendous debut about finding – and losing – love. It’s a phenomenal effort musically and emotionally speaking from somebody who’s only just turned 24, and is a record whose title reflects the flickering brightness of each of the tracks on here.

“I know that you’ve been burned, but every fire is a lesson learned. You’re so worth it – you are. But I wish I could feel it all for you. I wish I could be it all for you. If I could erase the pain, then maybe you’d feel the same. I’d do it all for you… I would.” Album opener “Guns + Horses” remains one of Goulding’s best songs with lyrics heartbreaking enough to make you really feel the words she’s singing. It’s not just the lyrics though that make it so; it’s Ellie’s remarkable delivery that really seals the highly emotional deal. The same goes for magic moments like “Every Time You Go”, “Lights” and “Animal”, all moments high in pop brilliance but also in heartbreak.

“This Love  (Will Be Your Downfall)” is Bright’s best – by far – moment, but it’s almost equalled by the genius of single “Under The Sheets” and electropop stormer “Little Dreams”. Goulding’s pop smarts are on fire from the get-go; this record is a fine example of the music matching the hype.

Plus, she gets it when it comes to matters of the heart, possibly moreso than anybody else in the chart this year.

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