The Top 50 Albums of Year 2010… #10 GIRL TALK “All Day”

By Adem | January, 18, 2011 | 0 comments

Girl Talk

10. GIRL TALK “All Day”

The debate as to whether this is even eligible for placement in an end-of-year albums chart will no doubt have its proverbial flames fanned as people do just that. How can an album (a mash-up set, actually,) that’s virtually available for free to download off the internet and not even available in shops, make it so far ahead the list? Quite fucking easily, actually, you narrow-minded shit.

Whilst DJs have certainly gotten a bad wrap over the years from people who listen to “real music” (sound familiar? Needless to say, the Dance music elitists can actually be a lot worse when it comes to pop music than the pop-hating indie-trolls – believe me, I’m friends with a lot of them), it’s moments like Girl Talk’s incredible “All Day” that really put those sipping on Haterade back in their place. Harking back to the days of megamixes, there are so many different samples crammed into just over an hour of what is probably the most exciting party mix-tape you’ll ever hear. GaGa’s all over it, so’s KE$HA, our Kylie’s even there and there’s even a bit of ELO, Radiohead and The Boss himself; Bruce Springsteen, all put together to make excitingly different music and songs out of ones that already exist. And that’s what makes what Girl Talk’s doing different to the standard DJ sets and megamixes that are out there; he’s making fresh ideas out of old ones. It’s divided some people as to whether what he’s doing is art or plagiarism. Evidently, I’m going with the former.

The mash-up is such an interesting music phenomenon that’s been around for so long that it’s hard not to recognise it as its own genre. This exceptional record IS one of 2010′s best, and even if you think anybody could pull something like this together with the aid of a laptop and music editing software, I’d like to see you try and do it as effortlessly and with as many pop smarts as Girl Talk has. 2manyDJs may have pioneered the mass-consumption of the mash-up, but Girl Talk has taken it to a whole new level; turning it into more of an art-form and a complex piece collective of music, rather than just being a neatly produced DJ set.

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