The Top 50 Albums of Year 2010… #07 DELPHIC “Acolyte”

By Adem | January, 18, 2011 | 0 comments

If you were to call I'd risk a second broken heart for you.

07. DELPHIC “Acolyte”

One of the most impressive debuts in recent years, Delphic’s “Acolyte” managed to fuse indie-pop with rave synthetics and basslines effortlessly. Combining the dance-culture smarts and appreciation of the band themselves with the production finesse of Music God, the Almighty Ewan Pearson, proved to be a winning formula and pairing for both parties. It’s up there with Pearson’s best work, and is a sign of a band to be eagerly watched as they develop their career as one of the most exciting acts I’ve heard; “Acolyte” is a proper masterpiece.

If we lived in a world before Gen Y had the chance to bastardise the term “Epic”, then that very word would be a fitting way to describe the delights sprawled over Acolyte. Opener “Clarion Call” sees frontman James Cook shout upon the masses over monstrous chords and progressive build-up’s, the charming “Halcyon” showcases the frothy heights the band can take this particular blend of dance-inspired rock music, while stuff like “Submission” and “Remain” are in place to prove they’re just as much on their A-game when making subtle melodies as they are making ones ready for your unleashing feet.

The biggest calling-cards on this album though are the title track, “Acolyte”, and the fragile “Red Lights.” The former is a near nine-minute monster of slamming rave proportions that would make one of the bands heroes, Orbital, proud to be enlisted as an inspiration. It ranges from uplifting trance to progressive house to a ball-tearing, dance floor consuming rave-up. On the complete opposite though is the tender latter, “Red Lights”, bearing the record – and maybe the years – most tragically beautiful lyric; “If you were to call I’d risk a second broken heart for you.”

Well; quite.

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