GMAYL, MDNA & The MadonnaBowl.

By Adem | February, 7, 2012 | 1 comments

For the first time in an incredibly long time, it has been an absolute event to be a Madonna fan this past week. The return of The Queen is one I have been waiting some time for – her first album since 2008′s “Hard Candy” is the March released “MDNA”, which is set to sizzle with pounding beats much like 2005′s stunning “Confessions On A Dance Floor” did, except there’s going to be a whopping 15 – 17 tracks on this record and multiple producers. Martin Solveig, who is behind the lead single “Give Me All Your Luvin’” takes a bulk of producing duties, as do Benny Benassi and his brother, and the return of William Orbit and Madonna as a duo on six tracks (including one called “Gang Bang”) is nothing short of incredible. This album is going to deliver some mindless, cheeky pop fun for the dance floor but it’s also going to deliver the depth on other tracks that so many were hoping to get from The Queen as a lead single.

There is fine line when it comes to Madonna and she’s damned if she does, damned if she doesn’t. In this case, the release of “Give Me All Your Luvin’” as the lead single is incredibly ideal, particularly when you take that Iconic and Mind-Blowing MadonnaBowl Half-time performance show from yesterday. Madonna’s detractors are constantly saying she’s either being too preachy, or she’s being too mindless, she dresses like a 19 year old whore,  or that she looks too much like a mum. When are people going to stop expecting so much from a 53 year old woman who doesn’t actually really owe us anything? 

As for the single, I am very much on-board and am hoping it becomes almost as big as (if not bigger than) “Hung Up.” It certainly has the potential to sell well after that performance and the fact that Madonna seems to be having a blast being Madonna again is going to help considerably. The chorus is infectiously good, and the song itself sounds more like Madonna and Solveig were channeling a twisted Dandy Warhols homage, spliced with a wink at Daphne & Celeste and a dubstep breakdown rather than those who have said it’s a Katy Perry b-side, Nicola Roberts rip-off or an Avril Lavigne cover. Crack is whack you guys.

And the inclusion of Nicki Minaj and M.I.A.? I am LIVING for their parts on this song now. The more I listen to it the more I’m picking up within it to love – just how much more polished on a production level (minor details like the way her voice echoes at the end of the chorus, whereas in the demo it just cuts out abruptly – these are the details I pick up on) it is as a whole. Minaj’s rap about Conan, clonin’ and barbarians is a thrill, and M.I.A.’s dancing during the Marilyn scene of the video is HOT. M.I.A. has never looked better; and by that I mean she has never looked more like a pop star.  Her bit in the track is perfect too, exactly the kind of jam I expected from M.I.A. over that breakdown.

The video itself is a work of art; Madonna with her 1995 face, the symbolism, the Marilyn sequence, the modern throwbacks to moments of her careers past, even down to the stunning homage to RuPaul’s Drag Race star Sharon Needles with the top she wears; it was all just a good hunka eye candy. EXCITING eye candy. Madonna hasn’t made a video that good since “Hung Up” – she is selling that garment huntees!

Watching the SuperBowl performance live was nerve-wracking. I got tweets constantly and texts during the performance asking if I was alright (I wasn’t), people were proclaiming me dead on Twitter (I seriously thought I was going to need the Ambulance at one point), Mum was calling to see if I’d had a nervous breakdown (sort of); everyone just knew how explosive this was going to be for me. And as I sat there, an inch away from the massive plasma in the lounge room on Monday morning, I watched the event happen as it happened, with the whole world. Madonna was back. It was an overwhelming experience to say the least.

That LMFAO moment was exceedingly good; I now Stan for LMFAO. Everything makes sense now; LMFAO were brought into this world so that Madonna would do The Melbourne Shuffle on the SuperBowl. Now, when I was younger (I’m 28 now) I was into the rave scene quite heavily and the Melbourne Shuffle was apart of my weekend routine. As I said I’m 28 now and although I can still do it, I lose my breath after about 28 seconds and am reaching for all forms of ventolin and oxygen masks that are near-by. Madonna is 53 and she can do the shuffle without reaching for a gas-mask? YEAH BYE. Anybody that says she can’t dance has obviously never tried doing the Melbourne Shuffle and bitches, that thing is an artform that requires skill and precision. Although LMFAO’s is a bastardised version of what we know as the Melbourne Shuffle, that is where the shuffle came from and coming from those roots, it was uplifting to see Madonna pulling those moves in front of the entire universe.

When my Mother returned we watched the performance together and she had a crying meltdown as well. She said it reminded her of when we sat up waiting for the world premiere of Madonna’s ‘Like A Prayer’ Pepsi Commercial as a child together, sitting in the room partaking in this huge event. And there we were, once more, sharing this huge, global event together again with one of our biggest shared passions; Madonna. Yesterday was one of the most invigorating days of my life because of this particular experience, but in general due to the magnitude of how important this past week has been as a Madonna fan. If Madonna tours Australia this year – and it looks as though she might be – Mum is coming and vetoing on her usual concert-policy of “seating only.” Mum wants the best seat in the house alongside me and if that means we’re standing then she’s going to stand for The Queen.

Final scores?

“Give Me All Your Luvin’” feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A. (Single) = 9/10.

“Give Me All Your Luvin’” feat. Nicki Minaj & M.I.A. (Video) = 10/10.

Superbowl Performance = 10/10, even with the near-fall she still made you forget all about it within seconds.

The MDNA Deluxe Edition album cover = 10/10.

The MDNA Standard Edition album cover = 1,000,000/10. (SEE IT HERE)

The GMAYL single cover = 8/10.

Thank you, you may now leave the courtroom.


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  • InfiNate

    The Melbourne Shuffle was tight, with Madonna and LMFAO. I need to learn that one. Maybe there is a tutorial on You-Tube. I can’t wait to hear MDNA. Lead single sound sick!

    Your right Madonna doesn’t “owe us anything”, but we are all glad when she delivers.

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