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It’s that time of year once more; The Queen has turned 54 and as is tradition on Adem with an E, I’m going to celebrate with a day of Madonna tours on DVD, lots of records and cassettes, a cake and – naturally – the obligatory Madonna/YouTube birthday blog-post.

I’ve spoken many times about the affect Madonna has had on me and my life over the years so I’ll spare you the dramatics again; just sit back, enjoy these classic (and sometimes rare) Madonna videos and celebrate The Queen and High Priestess of Pop’s triumphant 54th Birthday.

Happy Birthday my Darling; I love you.

Hilarious Bonus scenes from IGTTYAS.

Even MORE bonus scenes from IGTTYAS.

The incredible documentary shot for the Sticky & Sweet Tour, some incredible (my sugar is) raw footage.

“The whole thing needs to be a jump-rope extravaganza!”

An incredible interview from 1991′s Omnibus. Very candid.

This legendary interview comes complete with Madonna giving host Arsenio crap in relation to his speculated relationship (and break-up) with Paula Abdul. Amazing television.

Frank interview around the Truth or Dare/In Bed With Madonna era where Madonna answers the host articulately and concisely. A great watch.

Here is one of the traditional Birthday Post videos; Madonna’s invention of wearing a pink wig and lip syncing for her life to “Like A Virgin.”

“Open. The Door. NOW.” Madonna at her best.

Queen Madonna talks about Moist Thrushmore – also known to some as Janet Jackson – and being “mystified” by the shade she has thrown at her. “I’ve never even met the girl.”

From the premiere of ‘Truth or Dare’ with Madonna, Niki and Donna. Flawless and rare television.

Performing the greatest song of her career at The Virgin Tour, “Gambler.” As a child I used to be able to re-enact this routine at the drop of a hat and it may very well be the reason I have spent half of my life on my knees.

Madonna squirts some smoke from her punani during the Drowned World Tour.

“But at least I’m not boring. And I’ve never been arrested.” The awkward moment Madonna starts talking about sex with a child sitting on her lap.

Madonna and Sean Penn have just gotten married you guys! HI CHER!!


“That” infamous Letterman appearance.

Madonna visits David Letterman again – this time for Valentine’s Day.

Performing pop-classic “Girl Gone Wild” at the MDNA Tour and being generally flawless in everything she does.

Killing at the 46th Super Bowl half-time show.

“I’m here because I wanted to talk to you about us.”

Madonna has a KiKi with some drag queens.

Kurt Loder interviewing Madonna for MTV on the set of “Take A Bow.”

Madonna performing “Take A Bow” with Babyface.

Like A Prayer live, Blond Ambition Tour (Pony-tail Edition)

Happy Birthday Madonna.